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Our Story

23 Years ago as a fresh and naïve commerce graduate, a class mate and I stumbled across an under supplied market in bar code graphics business and formed Barcode Technologies Ltd.

After many many lessons and not as many learnings, about owning and running a business I ventured into the world of image setting, digital scanning and pre press graphics - forming a pre press bureau in Grey Lynn called Beyond Imaging (very creative name!!)

The bureau concept suited me - I knew nothing about laying up film or making plates but I could get my head around set delivery times and standardised pricing and products. Luckily so could my customers- who weren’t overly interested in how we got their print film made as long as they had it with 2hrs!!

It was a good mix- customers who only cared about the service- and me who really only understood the service side of my business.

And then the pre press film industry died...

I had always continued with bar code graphics and testing as a standalone business, and after the demise and sale of my now far less lucrative pre press business, I bought a small one man label printing bureau called LabelShop to help with bar code label printing.

I knew nothing about printing but what I found was, neither did our customers. In fact what I soon discovered was that all my label customers were really interested in was the right price, on time. How we did it wasn’t important and so LabelShop began its journey...

Today we have a staff of 22. We have a mix of 5 colour conventional presses with the very highest spec digital print presses.

I still don’t really know much about printing and that’s just how I want it - its only ever about the service - that's it - pure and simple!

How we do it isn't really that important - in the end its only important that we deliver.

For those of you still reading here’s the important bit - here's what we are about - our offer

If you're ever around our way then call in and say hi.

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