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When submitting a file that is not flattened (files other than jpeg, tiff, bmp) it is required that you change all text to outlines/paths or embed the fonts into the file. We prefer that you convert to outlines to ensure that there will be no delay in your order. The minimum printable font size for black text on a light background is 5pt. The minimum font size for white text on a coloured background is 7pt bold.


It is necessary to prepare your files with bleed. Set the artboard or page size of your labels to incorporate bleed. The bleed area is determined by adding 3-6 mm to the width and length dimensions. This is important because there can be slight shifts in alignment when the labels are die cut, shifts of upto 1.5mm may occur and are within acceptable industry standards. Artwork that does not meet this standard will be edited accordingly.


Because there can be slight shifts in alignment, the safezone is also very important. All text an design elements that do not meet the labels edge should be contained in the safezone. The safezone is determined by subtracting 3mm from the width and length dimensions of the label. Artwork that does not meet this requirement will be edited accordingly.


Our minimum resolution is 300 dpi. We encourage our customers to submit files that have a higher resolution. This makes dramatic improvements in quality especially when there is text on the label. Our maximum resolution is 800 dpi. We do accept files at high resolutions, however there is a 15mb maximum file size on our artwork upload page. This applies per file or label design that is submitted.

File formats

We accept many file formats though our preferred format is pdf. When saving your file as a pdf, please make sure to do the following: use the "press quality" preset, convert your text to outlines/parts, make sure there is no downsampling of the images (unless above 800dpi).

Please do not send compressed artwork other than tiff using lzw compression.
Please do not send security/password protected files.

Other formats we accept are: .eps, .ps, .ai, .indd, .psd, freehand, .jpg, .tiff, and .bmp. All other formats may not be readable or may require graphics fees to change the file into a format that we can use.


Digital printing is a 4 colour process (CMYK: cyan; magenta; yellow and black). When creating your files be sure to create them using CMYK colour. All files submitted as RGB will be converted which may cause drastic colour shifts. Files saved in RGB will be converted and printed without consulting the customer. If you would like to guarantee accurate colour reproduction, please build your files using the CMYK values from a pantone process coated colour guide. Printed colours are always different from what is represented on your monitor. Even pdf proofs are not an accurate representation of colour. If colour is crucial please request a press printed proof or specify the pantone colours used to create your files in the customer comments section.


Borders bleeding off of a label need to be at least 4mm in thickness and meet the bleed edge. This is an aesthetic requirement as well as a quality control requirement. Borders not bleeding off of a label must be contained by the safezone. The outer edge of the border may not fall outside of the safezone.

Spot White

Spot white is used for many different purposes. To set up a file with spot white we suggest using photoshop. Create a spot channel called "spotwhite" and fill that channel according to where you want spot white to be printed.


Overprinting is used in traditional means of printing, but is not necessary when using a digital printer. Do not build you files with overprinting attributes. these attributes will often change the appearance of the final product. We do our best to catch overprinting issues before printing, but they are not always detected. If you have created your file with overprinting attributes please contact us about your order. We are not responsible for incorrectly printed labels with overprinting attributes. You will be charged for the printed labels and any subsequent reprints.

Design help

We are happy to answer questions about preparing your files for print.

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